The day

Sessions are open for anyone to suggest topics they'd like to discuss. We'll update the timetable on the day with the session titles.

Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:30 Arrivals
9:40 Introductions, housekeeping, and session pitches
10:00 Introduction to data Breakout room
11:15 Tea Break
11:30 Open Data 101 - Lucy Open Data advocacy - Aude
12:15 Extracting data and automation - Joe/Sue Core dataset and developing a data schema - Charlotte
13:00 Lunch and setup guidance for OpenRefine Social Media Surgery - Pauline
13:45 Introduction to OpenRefine Text adventures in libraries - Ross
14:25 OpenRefine Workshop How to use an API - Lucy
15:05 Tea break
15:20 Publish your first data set - Aude Social value - Lucy Open data camp and libraries - Pauline
16:00 Group feedback
16:30 Home time

Session pitches

You don't have to come with anything prepared, but if there's a topic you'd like to discuss you could think about giving it a title and how to explain it in a short pitch (no more than a minute!).


A laptop would be useful for both of the practical workshops, particularly if you'd like to get hands on experience with OpenRefine. However, do feel free to come along without one if more convenient, there'll be plenty of opportunity to follow along, and lots of discussions where there'll be no need for a laptop.

Introduction to Data

If taking part in this session it would be useful to have spreadsheet software, or access to Google Sheets (or an online alternative).


If you'd like to take part in the Open Refine workshop, you could install OpenRefine v2.7 in advance from, and download the latest data we'll be using from We'll also provide installation support on the day, and there'll be a demonstration of the software if you're not able to install it.


Refreshments, including lunch, will be provided throughout the day.

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